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About Us

By Lars Lin: Founder of Educatefor.Life:

I am a father, serial entrepreneur, coach and designer+facilitator of design sprints, transformational sprints and so much more -in Sprints. I combined all of this to solve educational challenges in my own family, for other families and now there is an absolutely AWESOME community who has come together and that keeps growing. We call ourselves Educatefor.Life and we work to design the future of education -which we believe will have to be very different from what educational systems represent today.

Our daily collaboration is entirely virtual -although you are very welcome to meet up (who said Meetup?) in-person if you wish. You can find nearby community members once you are logged into this site.

Why You Should Join Us

We ask for only one thing from you really... a very strong personal interest in solving challenges in the education space. It can be any type of challenge that you are interested in. You will probably find a tribe within our community who are just as interested in the same topic(s) as you are.

And then you are entitled to have any opinion on anything -as long as you do not keep it to yourself :-)

We learn from each other and appreciate active community members.

A Big Thanks

A WARM thank you to the well over five hundred community members that joined in the first few weeks of our existence. We keep growing and we only have absolutely fantastic members of our tribe here. THANKS to you all! Let us know what you are trying to do. Chances are good that we can help you somehow in our community.